CCIF combines expertise in pragmatic, on-the-ground conservation and community development work with extensive experience in finance, natural resource economics, enterprise development and investment banking to design and help to finance conservation and community development solutions which lead to direct and sustaining outcomes.


We specialize in the following three core areas:


We conduct sound analyses to design innovative financing strategies for critical conservation challenges around the globe, combining expertise in on-the-ground conservation work with experience in finance and natural resources economics.


Conservation and natural resource management efforts are invariably linked to communities and their livelihoods and security. We work at the intersection of these issues to find ways to enhance community development and improve conservation efforts for the long-term.


We assess and design opportunities and solutions to transform destructive practices and industries and develop strategic investments in improved business models, markets, and enterprises.


Conservation and Community Investment Forum * 548 Market St. PMB 81178 San Francisco, CA 94104-5401 * ph: (415) 421-4213